Consumer Law Challenges in Emergencies: Helping Older Adults Facing Public Health Emergencies

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Courtesy of Justice in Aging

In the context of public health emergencies and natural disasters, residents of the affected area face a myriad of immediate and longer-term challenges, legal and otherwise. For service providers, it is essential to reach out to consumers, including older adults, and immediately identify their needs and connect them with assistance. In these emergency situations, older adults may face a range of scams and frauds, such as price gouging, contractor fraud, door-to-door sales pressure, and scams seeking their assignment of insurance benefits or other income. Homeowners and renters may also struggle to obtain federal or local financial assistance, access insurance payments, and maintain their housing.

The presenters explore how to recognize and respond to the consumer law needs faced by older adults post-disaster and in public health emergencies. The presenters explain how older adults can get assistance from legal aid and other disaster legal assistance organizations.